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Muslim Kids Book Nook

Assalamu Alaykum and Welcome!

Our Muslim children deserve to see themselves represented authentically in the books they read. This is especially important because relatable stories can help shape their confidence in their Muslim identity. 

 I am on an endless search for faith-based books that captivate the hearts and minds of little Muslims. Offering detailed book reviews, parents, teachers and librarians will have the opportunity to make informed decisions when investing in their child's bookshelf.

Choosing Muslim Books

1. Authentic Islamic Content

Offering our children authentically accurate content does not leave room for confusion from a young age. It paints a clear picture of what the foundations of Islam consist of. Furthermore, when mistakes are made in the story and Islamic values are used as a guide for character growth and reflection, this is key.

2. Muslim Characters

While having Muslims visually represented in book illustrations might be a sufficient start in books for toddlers, Muslim characters must come as a complete package. We cannot give an automatic pass to a book solely on visual representation without the alignment of authentic content in daily life and their values.

3. Accurate Representation

Misrepresentation of Muslims and Islam in all forms of media has done enough damage throughout the years. We collectively need to stand firm and refuse books that perpetuate stereotyping and promote propaganda based narratives in the way Muslims and Islam is represented in front of our children and their peers. When Muslims and Islam is discussed in books, the authenticity and accuracy needs to be demanded in all levels of literature. 

4. Important Message

The content doesn't always have to be based on a direct quote from the Qur'an or hadith. Resolving relatable dilemmas through a fictional story can be a creative way to teach a big concept to mini Muslims. Dissecting the message of the book and how that can be tied to our Islamic values is an opportunity that needs to be encouraged in Muslim children. 

5. Captivating Story

The story needs to be written in an age-appropriate way that engages the mind and heart of the reader and listener. The execution of the story will either make the book forgettable or memorable. There are so many books where the poor execution of the story does injustice to an amazing story ideas; they are either flat in tone, too wordy or the content is not kid-friendly.

6. Muslim Author

Our stories and our voices matter.


For many years, our stories have been told by others, how they see us and how they perceive us.


Authentic stories are best told by those who live them.


Seeking out and supporting Muslim authors is essential for them to continue producing stories that serve our children and our Muslim community.


There is more than one way to support Muslim authors:

  1. Purchase their book

  2. Write a review 

  3. Tell your family and friends

  4. Recommend their books to your local Islamic center/school

  5. Share on your social media platform

  6. Submit a request to your local public library to carry those books


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