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How Did We Get Here?

The Beginning

As a mother of two, Muslim Kids Literacy became a passion of mine when I was having a hard time finding the right books for my kids. It takes time and effort to build a bookshelf. Choosing the right books to instill love for Islam in a captivating and engaging way became my mission. However, book reviews available at the time did not give me the information I was looking for.

Furthermore, I was given the opportunity to organize the small library of our local masjid which pushed this need to a new height for me. 

I soon realized that this was a much-needed resource for Muslim parents, Islamic Schools and masjid libraries. In Feb. 2019 I began Muslim Kids Book Nook bookstagram account.

Alhamdulilah, I am happy to say that my reviews have resonated with the Muslim community and this website is a move in the right direction, inshaAllah.

Welcome Aboard.

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