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Request a Book Review

(currently not accepting any new requests)


With this page, our intention, above all, is to please Allah (swt). We pray that He accepts our efforts for contributing to the education of our kids in His path. Ameen.


Our goal is to work hard and bring exposure to Muslim Kid Lit by posting honest reviews in order to give the parents/teachers the opportunity to make informed decisions when purchasing for their bookshelves.

What Do We Look For?

We focus on children's books that involve one OR all of the following:

  1. Islamic books

  2. Muslim books

  3. Positive messages/lessons that are acceptable Islamically (kindness, sharing, diversity etc) through Muslim characters

  4. The accurate representation of Muslims and their families in KidLit

Our reviews are looked at from a conservative/orthodox Islamic perspective (Qur'an and Sunnah) even if the books aren't focusing directly on promoting Islamic content. In addition, we look at the quality of illustrations, language, kid-friendly text, the storyline and overall relatability (emotional and otherwise).

Commitment to Honesty

We bear the responsibility of answering before Allah (swt) for all that is posted on this platform. Moreover, the followers who have benefitted from our reviews, have placed their trust in us to shed light on these books and their content. Thus, honesty is an integral part of our reviews.


With that said, all reviews are my personal opinion and reflect my thoughts, feelings and experience about the book.


  1. Sending a copy of your book in exchange for an honest review will not guarantee a recommended rating.

  2. I do not accept electronic copies (PDFs) of books.

  3. I do not accept payment in exchange for a review.

  4. If the book promotes offensive, problematic or unislamic values, it is not the right one for this platform and audience. If this is discovered after I have received and read the book, it will not be featured on my platform.

  5. Self-published books: if a professional editor was not consulted or illustrations are not done by a professional, it does not qualify for a review.

  6. I will not review books that have been written or illustrated by children.

  7. Only submissions that are the right fit will receive an e-mail response within 7 days.

  8. If your book does not get featured or the review is not what you anticipated, book returns are not a feasible option.


Prior to sending in a request, we highly encourage you to become familiar with our previous reviews to get an idea of what I look for.

I ask Allah, the Almighty, to help us and guide us to be just and true in our efforts. Ameen.

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