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Muslimah Reviewers Top Book Choices of the Year

What is it?

This is an annual (InshaAllah) collaborative effort between Muslim Kids Book Nook and Muslim Mommy Blog to recognize the work of Muslim publishers and authors who continuously strive to bring wonderful books that is reflective of Muslim family values.

Every year we will recognize our Top Muslim Book Choices that have made an impression on us and left their footprints in our hearts. 

When is it?

We read and review Muslim books throughout the year from different publishing channels. We will compile our list of releases of that year to bring recognition every December inshaAllah.

How does a book qualify?

In order for a book to qualify for MRTBC it needs to meet all of the following criteria:

  1. The book must be a new release of that year

  2. Written by a Muslim author

  3. Accurate Islamic information 

  4. Accurate representation of Muslim characters

  5. Follow basic book industry standards including grammar, punctuation and diction

How do I enter?

The fastest way to have your books considered for MRTBC is by sending your book for review. Although, we purchase many of the books we review, it is impossible for us to get to all the new releases. Requesting a book review will ensure to put your book in the queue, get your book reviewed (Website, Instagram and Facebook) which will expose it to thousands of readers.

We are currently accepting books for 2021!

To request a book review by Muslim Kids Book Nook ----

To request a book review by Muslim Mommy Blog --------

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