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50 Poems for 52 Weeks by Abdullah Mansoor


Title: 52 Poems for 52 Weeks

Author: Abdullah Mansoor

Publisher: Gifted Muslim @gifted_muslim




Islamic Content: throughout


Concerns: None



This book is a collection of various poems that encapsulate the Islamic lunar year. The book is divided into the 12 months and four poems are dedicated to each month, except Ramadan. To keep the reader excited, they are written in different styles such as sonnets, haiku, free verse etc. Some poems are directly related to the significant events of the month, and some are generally relatable. The content found in this collection is varies: faith in Allah, Love for the prophet (s.a.w.s), Yearning for Hajj, Charity, family (dad, son), Ramadan, friendship and even some playful pieces.



These poetic verses will take the reader on an emotional ride: some are short and lighthearted that will make you giggle while others express the depths of faith within us. I personally love poetry but am usually skeptic when they are deen related, however this was such a pleasant surprise. I absolutely enjoyed this book that is relatable in so many ways. For example: faith perspective, family, friendships, identity and more. The language is perfect intermediate for kids 12 and up to enjoy including adults. The back of this book also includes the following: background information on each poem, definitions of Arabic expressions, glossary of different types of poems used and descriptions. Furthermore, designated spaces and lines to encourage the reader to create their own poems in different styles. This author has already published 3 different picture books for kids that are absolutely wonderful. And I feel that his work doesn't get the exposure it deserves. This is a really nice piece to add to your bookshelf.



Aug 28/2020

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