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A Bedtime Prayer for Peace by Akila Dada & Sukina Dada


Title: A Bedtime Prayer for Peace

Author: Akila Dada & Sukina Dada @kiki.dada

Illustrator: Michael Wagstaffe

Publisher: Prolance @prolancepublishing

Type: Fiction

Age: 4 and up

Rating: 9/10 🌟

Islamic Content: Prayer (Dua)

Concerns: None


Esa doesn't want to go to sleep so his mother takes him on her lap, and they say their prayers together. They pray for people all over the world so that God can ease their hardships: for those in need, those without a home, for peace on Earth, for the sick. Furthermore, they thank God for the blessings that He has bestowed upon us and our families. After, Esa went to bed, the mother does a special prayer of her own.


This book has such a beautiful universal message of faith and prayer (dua). It is written in rhyme and happy to say that it has a beautiful flow from beginning to end. I love how the story is set up for all the prayers but also concludes beautifully, with a mother's genuine prayer for her child. I absolutely love that the story is so inclusive. It is quite rare to have a book that represent two minorities in one protagonist: a Muslim child in a wheelchair. What I love even more is that Esa's disability is not the center or theme of this story, it is shown in the illustrations so naturally which presented to be such an ordinary and a beautiful thing. His mother, through prayer is teaching him to think of others around the world and asking God, the Truth and the One, to take care of their struggles and affairs. The language in the book is easy and simple yet holds weight in its beautiful message. Ever since I have received this book, my children have asked me to read it to them on a daily basis. I really wish I loved the illustrations as much as I love their message.

Available: Prolance, Amazon, Indigo


Mar 15/2020

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