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A Party in Ramadan by Asma Mobin-Uddin


Title: A Party in Ramadan

Author: Asma Mobin-Uddin

Illustrator: Laura Jacobsen

Publisher: Boyds Mills Press

Age: 7-9


Islamic Content: Fasting


Concerns: None



Leena has a dilemma. On the day she has planned to fast, she is invited to a Pony Party she has been looking forward to. Leena is determined that she can do both, she'll join the party fun with her friends but she will not eat.



This advance picture book follows Leena as she experiences and navigates delicate moments of fasting in a non-Muslim environment. Firstly, I love that her mother reminded her that since she isn't required to fast just yet, she can opt out. Furthermore, Leena is making the conscious decision to handle both. At the party, while they are busy with outdoor activities she is confident that this has been easy to manage. As the friends move on to snacking and refreshments, she realizes her challenge she is faced with internally, hunger and thirst. I think this is key that makes this story relatable to the kids who are practicing to fast full days, that challenges will come. There will be times where fasting is a breeze and others when we just make it through. Quite nice to see that a story published in 2009 isn't focusing on directly introducing the all the facts about Ramadan, instead the focus is on handling a typical predicament for Muslim kids in the west during Ramadan. The text is a bit on the heavier side so the young ones might lose focus while trying to have it read to them.


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