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A Sky-Blue Bench by Behram Rahman

๐Ÿ“š A Sky-blue Bench ๐Ÿ“š

Author: Behram Rahman

Illustrator: Peggy Collins

Publisher: Pajama Press


Islamic Content: Visibly Muslim character and setting

Concerns: None


Aria is finally able to go back to school. Sitting on the floor in the classroom is not comfortable for her due to her prosthetic leg. She takes matters into her own hands when she tries to find a solution for herself.


I have to be honest, I didn't love the author's first book so I just didn't have any interest on this story. However, I decided to borrow it from the library. To my surprise, I like this story. The illustrations are beautiful. Aria has missed a lot of school due to healing and recovery from the accident. The story highlights Aria's willingness and determination to find a solution for her classroom dilemma. Aria is an easily loveable character and her story of resilience is inspiring. An uncle from the community provides her with tools and materials for her project. When her piece is finished, the class support for her is undeniable. And I love the cultural sprinkles throughout the story.


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