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A Zoom With a View by Adeeba Jafri


Title: A Zoom with a View

Author: Adeeba Jafri

Illustrator: Tehreem Iqbal

Publisher: Markings Khudi

Age: 4-8


Islamic Content: None, Muslim author


Concerns: None



In the time of the pandemic, everyone is learning from Zoom. Some are sleepy and attending class from bed, others have trouble connecting due to technical issues, and of course, the mama barging in mid-session.



I am going to be real honest for a minute and admit that every time I received a request to do a review of a book relating to Covid, I had to take a step back for one of two reasons: 1. I have read books that have been rushed to publish in order to be relevant or 2. How long will it stay relevant?

But this one. Oh my what a story of surprise this was. I giggled though it all and read it so many times when I received this book. It is nice to see this fun spin on these unusual times to give us comic relief and boy was this relatable. Alhamdulilah this year, my son went to school in person, but last year was a different story. All the perks of adjusting to online learning for little ones with short attention span and the curiosity to explore what their device is capable of doing. This book is well executed. It is written in rhyming verse and includes a variety of animals that are zooming through their lessons. After all the obstacles, the main lesson is resilience and perseverance. The illustrations are so adorable. The size of the book is small and the font is a little hard to read. I would love to see this book in a hardcopy version, a larger physical size to include a larger and more legible font. This adorable book brought joy laughs to our shelf.


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