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Accidental Rich Boy by Akmal Ullah


Title: Accidental Rich Boy

Author: Akmal Ullah @akmal_ullah_

Publisher: Beacon Books

Age: 15+


Islamic Content: throughout


Concerns: violence, drugs, theft, a crush is glossed over but doesn't get any further than thoughts



Fifteen-year-old Nadim and his family have had a rough but stable life. After the death of his father, everything seemed to go downhill from there. He has to juggle school and taking on more responsibilities at home to keep things going a day at a time. Suddenly, he is faced with a new opportunity: should he take on his one chance he has to get his family out of this crisis or do the right thing.



This story is set in London UK in a tower block neighborhood where struggling families reside. Nadim witnesses the youth dropouts involved in illegal dealings and steers clear of them consistently. Although the story carries a gray tone throughout, I found it kept my interest in what would happen next. It took awhile for the story to build up and get into the main dilemma. His circumstances caused him grief, emotional turmoil and doubt, however he was always reminding himself and seeking solace through Islam to help him through his tough situation. While some may it to be a bit too preachy, I find it empowering that, no matter how we get tried and tested, the only one we should run to is Allah. It is not often that we see this in teen books. I think for a teen book, with so much going on, I would have loved for this to have been a more detailed read and get to know more about side characters d build more of a connection with them. On the other hand, this book might appeal as an option to the kids who are looking for quick reads. I think this would be an edgy read which showcases the not so flattering sides of town while upholding to faith. It was refreshing to see that the story doesn't center around 'Muslim identity crisis' or experiences of Islamophobia we repeatedly see in different levels of literature. If you have teen kids at home, this is something to look into.



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