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Adam & Ayla by Sannah Amjad

๐Ÿ“š Adam & Ayla ๐Ÿ“š

Author: Sannah Amjad

Illustrator: Ingy Hamza @ingyillustrations

Publisher: My Little Scholars @mylittlescholars

Age: 2-5

Islamic Content: Sprinkled with common Islamic phrases

Concerns: None


These two books show how a Muslim family of four spends their day, one at the park and the other at the zoo. A 2-page spread is dedicated to the introduction of each member, their strengths and likes. Both books are written in couplet rhymes and use very simple language and common Islamic phrases in the text. The storylines in each book are meant to be light and silly with mishaps in each one. These books are cute and they can be used to discuss relatability and connections with the family, however, they aren't really memorable in a bookshelf full of Muslim reads. Part of me feels like these should have been board books. With so many Muslim publications available for our kids, publishers and authors need to really explore the idea of how to set their books apart from the big wave of generic content. This book series can be used as an easy read after a long day



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