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Akhlaaq Building Series

Akhlaaq Building for Kids series by Ali Gator Productions

1. Studying Hard

2. Helping Others

3. Caring for Orphans

4. Keeping Promises

If you are looking for basic book series that will teach your kids good character and morals from an early age, you may have found it.


This book series promotes good manners and characters for young kids in their daily life. Helps them recognize positive behaviour in their familiar environment. The books are written in very basic language which targets mainly preschoolers. This book series consists of 10 books, however I only have the four mentioned above. All books revolve around the two siblings, Saaliha and Ali.


1. Studying Hard - this book emphasizes the importance of studying hard, Prioritizing your homework before any playtime. Considering the very young target reader for these series, I think this may have slightly missed the mark.


2. Helping Others - kids are never too young to learn the importance of helping others around them. In this book, the older sister Saaliha helps her little brother in a few different ways. I love that the storyline is very relatable, siblings helping one another.


3. Caring for Orphans - Saaliha and Ali are taken to a local orphanage to donate some items and show their kindness and compassion by playing and entertaining the orphaned kids. As we all know, this is considered to be one of the kindest and more rewarding deeds in Islam. How relatable is this to our kids; how many of us have a local orphanage we can expose our kids to? None.


4. Keeping Promises - in this book, kids will learn about keeping promises. When Saaliha is asked to play after school, she makes it clear to her friend that she already promised her time to another. ๐Ÿ“š

***Notice that there is no mention of the author's name in any of the books, only the publisher. *** #akhlaaqbuildingseries#aligatorproductions#muslimkidsbooks#islamicbooks#islamicmorals#muslimbookreview

June 22/2019

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