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Allah Loves You by Yasmin Kamal

📚 Allah Loves You 📚

Author: Yasmin Kamal

Illustrator: Winna C.L.

Publisher: Independently

Age: 0-3

Islamic Content: Allah

Concerns: None


This is a sweet an gentle book that displays the love of Allah for His creation. It is written in easy and simple language. It introduces basic Islamic values and revolve around knowing Allah and His attributes. I feel like I am constantly seeing Muslim book that target this young age in poor paper quality when instead it should be a boardbook. I don't know if this is an issue rooted in the lack of research of publishing standards or this is just a decision based on financial circumstances. Either way, just shows that they need more effort put in this aspect of literature. I actually find the illustrations to be adorable in this book. Although there isn't anything directly wrong with the book, this one is missing the WOW factor. While it is a cute book, I don't feel like there is a memorable approach that makes this book unique enough to set it apart from others that cover this theme.


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