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Amira's Picture Day by Reem Faruqi


Title: Amira's Picture Day

Author: Reem Faruqi @reemfaruqi

Illustrator: Fahmida Azim

Publisher: Holiday House @holidayhousebks

Age: 3-8


Islamic Content: Eid


Concerns: None



Eid is an important holiday and Amira is so excited for the celebration to begin, which means no school for her! However, when she realizes that class picture day falls on the same day, she is torn about missing it. After attending the Eid prayer and celebration at the masjid, she hopes she can get to school on time to be part of the picture.



This is such an adorable Eid story. We get a tiny glimpse of what Eid preparations and celebrations might look like for a Muslim family; sighting the new moon, preparing goodie bags, hennah art, dressing up, attending the Eid prayer at the masjid etc. I love that this story is an Eid Day dilemma and reminded me of each time I missed school to celebrate it with my family. I loved the beautifully joyful scenes at the masjid, a different buzz and everyone looking their best and very lively. My favorite spread has to be when she is trying to focus on the prayer but admits that she is distracted by the smell of all the food. Distractions during prayers is relatable for our kids. I do have a soft spot for the name Amira, and loved that the author so naturally included the meaning in this book as her classmates admire her fancy look. The end includes more information about the two Eids and a glossary list with unfamiliar terms.


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