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Baba, What Does My Name Mean? by Rifk Ebeid


Title: Baba, What Does My Name Mean: A Journey to Palestine

Author: Rifk Ebeid

Illustrator: Lamaa Jawhari

Publisher: Independently Published

Age: 4-11


Islamic Content: Mentions al Quds


Concerns: Makes mention of Folk songs and dance



When Saamidah asks her Baba the meaning of her name, in turn, she learns about her roots, her homeland, culture, tradition and heritage. She learns that AlQuds is a holy land, Nablus is famous for their Kunafa, about the cave filled mountains of Haifa, Al-Khalil is a historic city known for their glassblowing craftsmanship, etc. After her journey she is able to feel the connection to her homeland and the yearning to go back someday.



This journey into the historic Palestine is really enchanting and well done. My kids and I have been introduced to the historical and traditional aspects of Palestine and Palestinians that we hadn't previously known. It highlights important landmarks, special dishes, historical souqs (markets), craftsmanship specific to regions and much more. Saamidah is taken on this journey by a dove named Salam, peace. The symbolism of the key she is given of their old family home that they have been removed from I thought was so powerful especially after seeing actual pictures of grandmothers still holding on to theirs. The historic approach of this book also ensure to include Church of Nativity, a landmark in Bait Lahm. The hopeful tone of this book is present in every page and concludes with this: 'I will fly around the world and open people's minds using my key. I will unlock all the truths about Palestine and educate everyone about its true history.'


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