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Badir and the Beaver by Shannon Stewart


Title: Badir and the Beaver

Author: Shannon Stewart

Illustrator: Sabrina Gendron

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers

Age: 8-12

Rating: 9/10 ๐ŸŒŸ


Badir sees a large rat in the pond by his house but no one believes him. He discovers that this unfamiliar creature is actually a beaver and grows fond of his unique traits. When he learns that the neighbours are petitioning to have the beaver removed from this park, Badir is determined to do what he can to save him.



I was so excited to see this book not only that my local library is carrying it, but it is also written by a local author. The reader is sure to learn a lot of fun facts about the beaver through this story. It is very well written and the non-muslim readers will get a glimpse of a day-to-day life of an average muslim family, especially during Ramadan. They pray, go to the masjid, attend school and work, come home for iftar. Yes Badir and his family moved to Canada from Tunisia, but I really appreciate the fact that this is not the focus of the story. The community comes together, from different walks of life to work on this common goal to save the beaver. This is when new bonds are created. Most books that are written with a Muslim newcomer, usually tend to focus on overcoming their differences and embracing their identity. This doesn't and I love the story for it. This is a great story for early chapter book readers.


Sep 10/2019

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