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Bahiya, The Little Zebra by Nahida Esmail


Title: Bahiya, the Little Zebra

Author: Nahida Esmail @author_ne

Illustrator: Randa Abubakr

Publisher: African Bureau Stories

Age: 4-8


Islamic Content: Muslim Author and Illustrator


Concerns: None



Bahiya is not happy being just another zebra. She wants to be different and stand out. With the help of her friend Dalia, the hippo, she changes her colours. However, she doesn't receive the reaction she was expecting from her peers. From one experiment to another, Bahiya learns the value of her stripes the hard way.



What a lovely story this is. A big lesson for little zebra. But before I get on with the story review, I am once again excited to get my hands on a book that has been written by an award winning Muslim author in Tanzania. She has so many titles under her belt including Muslim books, which I am hoping to get my hands on eventually.

The main lesson in this story is that everyone is created in a unique way, with a purpose. This is wonderfully and cleverly told through Bahiya the little zebra and her stripes. It is such a relatable story, including her mother's gentle advise that she keeps brushing off. I love the glimpse of the Serengeti we get through the bold and vibrant illustrations. My daughter has enjoyed this story over and over again. Definitely a great read with a wise message.



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