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Bedtime Sunnahs by Alia G. Dada


Title: Bedtime Sunnahs @bedtimesunnahs

Author: Alia G. Dada

Illustrator: Robin Boyer

Publisher: Prolance @prolancepublishing

Type: Non-Fiction

Age: 3 -8

Rating: 8/10 🌟

Islamic Content: Bedtime sunnah

Concerns: None


A family gets ready for bed, and they make sure that they do the sunnah of bedtime. Starting with wudu, adhkar, the 3 Quls, making dua and finally turning to the right side.


This book is written in overall good rhyme, with sometimes inconsistent flow. I love the concept of the book, to encourage a bedtime routine for Muslim families that highlight and emphasize the sunnah of the Prophet (saws). Only about half of the book is the rhyming story, the other half is the hadith narrations and their source citations. As a reader and a parent, I value this so much as I have come across so many books that simply don't provide that. However, in this book targeting toddlers and up, I find that the 2nd half of the book is a dedicated resource for the parents. What I would have wanted to see differently is maybe a couple of pages dedicated to the actual adhkar, maybe transliterations, to encourage the kids to recite and memorize the duas. I love the section on 'Additional Sunnahs for Advanced Children', which maximizes the use of this book within the family. I absolutely adore the illustrations and their detail. Alongside the hadiths, the book also has glossary of Islamic terms, note to parents and about the author bit. Overall good book, but would have wanted to see more in order to maximize its intended benefit.

Available: @prolancepublishing




Mar 10/2020

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