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Before Birth, Beyond Life by Zenubia Arsalan


Title: Before Birth, Beyond Life

Author: Zenubia Arsalan @zenubiaarsalan

Illustrator: Heshan Gunasekara

Publisher: Little Mutaqeen @littlemutaqeen

Type: Fiction

Age: 6 and up

Rating: 9/10 ๐ŸŒŸ


Islamic Content: touches on the concept of life beyond womb, dunya and akhirah from an Islamic perspective


Concerns: None



The mother begins by ensuring her daughter that she was the answer to her dua however her beginning is far more beyond it. She touches on the state of the soul before she was even placed in her womb. Then emphasizes Allah's love for her daughter and reflects on how He created her so perfectly in every way. The book concludes with the resurrection of our souls in the akhirah in hopes that mother and daughter meet again in Jannah.



This delightful ode from mother to her child will definitely awaken your heart's soft spots. It is written beautifully in poetic rhyme in simple, child-friendly language. Through its endearing approach, it takes the reader on a remarkable yet hopeful journey of the cycle of life, from an Islamic perspective. The warm illustrations also contribute to setting the tone of the book along with the written text. The concept of the soul and its reality sometimes can be tough and easily misunderstood for the little ones. However, in here it is depicted in a light that the reader is informed of these truths but hopeful for what's to come. Due to some technicalities that hinders this book from being available in North America in its originally intended form (larger hardcover), my version is a paperback print from Amazon. As you can see the crease in one of the photos, it is not the greatest quality. (That's the only reason for the score of 9, otherwise no doubt this would be an honest 10) So I would strongly suggest that you would order directly from Dubai in order for you and your child to enjoy both, the wonderful content and the physical quality of the book. I can absolutely see this being given as a gift to new mothers or even daughters.


Available: Amazon, @overbookedatm




Jan 11/2020

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