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Bibi's Blessing by Lela Usma Goldsmith


Title: Bibi's Blessing

Author: Lela Usama Goldsmith

Illustrator: Samantha Morazzani

Publisher: Ruqaya's Bookshelf @ruqayas.bookshelf

Age: 5-11

Rating: 10/10 ๐ŸŒŸ


Mwana is in charge of selling her grandmother's delicious mofas, known to be the best on the island. On her way to the market she is startled by the donkey and trips sending the mofas scattering to the ground. Filled with sadness, she collects her Bibi's hard work in the basket and returns home. Upon hearing about the incident, to Mwana's surprise, Bibi says "Thank God for this blessing." From then on, the day seems to get even more challenging: the power outage prevents her from visiting her best friend Amina, and when she does the dishes, instead of soaking the rice pot she soaks the mofas pot. Yet again, her Bibi is grateful for everything that's happened. A surprising knock on the door changes everything and Mwana comes to the realization that there are blessings even in the hard times.



This book has important lessons that are presented through a very touching story. The bond and love between Mwana and her grandmother is so beautiful and powerful. Mwana values her grandmother's hard work and efforts to earn the little money they can. When she is tried and tested with the hurdles of the day, her Bibi is the one that comforts her. Above all, Mwana witnesses first hand Bibi's wisdom; there are blessing in everything, even though we may not see it in the moment, sometimes it takes patience to see them. The last two pages informs the reader a bit about Lamu Island and its people as well as a glossary. Once again, I just love the exposure this book gives me and my little ones to a culture we know little about and the amazing illustrations bring that culture to life. ๐ŸŒธ

Islamic Content: Being grateful, patience, after hardship comes ease.


Other concerns: NONE




Nov 5/2019

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