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Bilal Learns About Jannah by Laki Isra

๐Ÿ“š Bilal Learns About Jannah ๐Ÿ“š

Author: Laki Isra

Illustrator: Upit Dyoni

Publisher: Self Published

Age: 4-8

Islamic Content: Loss, Jannah

Concerns: Illustrative (imagined) representation of the unseen/Jannah


Hasan learns that Bilal has just lost his grandfather so Hasan tries to comfort him. He reminds him that his grandfather will be in Jannah and so they discuss all the things that are possible in Jannah.


This past year we have seen quite a few books that discuss the topic of loss or grief from a Muslim perspective. I actually love that there are so many options now on this topic and what's more is that none of these books are alike. They all bring a different takes and highlight various aspects. This one focuses on the akhirah, Jannah to be exact. It begins with the loss, goes on to discuss that grandpa is in Jannah, then it is spent discussing Jannah and its endless enjoyment, toys, candy etc. It ends with the note that as Muslim our aim is to go to Jannah. Some scholars have the view that any (imaginative) depictions of the unseen (incl. jannah) we should avoid which is why I stated it as a concern above. So when you read this book with your kids, there needs to be discussion and clarification about the illustrations. The text is written in rhyme, which for the most part is done well. The book includes a dua and pages of activities the kids can do that reflects on the topic in the book.

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