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Books Published in 2020

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

We are so excited to see so many talented Muslim authors and Muslim Publishers working so hard to bring our kids amazing resources and books that they can see themselves in.

We are so appreciative of all the hard work that goes into making these books, so we decided to recognize all the amazing titles published this year that we personally read and/or reviewed!

We do recognize that there are many more books out there, but we only shared those that we have personally screened Islamically and approved of!

My list is divided by publishers. Swipe to see the pictures of these books!

Check out @muslimmommyblog list (Hers is divided by age group)

Head to our websites for the full lists. You can also find the individual reviews for each of the books on our blogs.

🥳 Stay tuned on Friday for another post detailing and giving extra recognition to our top choices of the year! 🥳

Kube Publishing

Go On, Zap Shaytan by Razana Noor My First Book about Allah by Sara Khan Let It Go by Na'ima bint Robert & Mufti Menk

Traditionally Published Planet Omar: Unexpected Super Spy by Zanib Mian Planet Omar: Incredible Rescue Mission by Zanib Mian My Friend The Alien by Zanib Mian? Once Upon an Eid by S.K. Ali & Aisha Saeed

When Stars Are Scattered by Victoria Jamieson & Omar Mohamed

That Can Be Arranged by Huda Fahmy

Teatime around the World by Denyse Waissbluth Arabic Quilt by Aya Khalil

Ruqaya's Bookshelf The Green Dinosaur Umbrella by Amina Banawan

Ahmed and The Very Stuck Teapot by Sarah Musa Spell It Like S-A-M-A-R by Shifa Saltagi Safadi Stuck in the Middle by Sumayyah Hussein

One Hundred Flavours of Ice Cream by Sumayyah Hussein

Prolance Publishing The Quran My Best Friend by Suzane Derani My First Muslim Potty Book by Yousfa Janjua Did Musa St-St-Stutter too? By Keila Kaci

Bilal and Mr. Shells by Farah Elmoudani

The Most Precious Gift by Yasmine Abuzeid

Independently Published 52 Poems for 52 Weeks by Abdullah Mansoor Tales of Mini Maryam by Kosser Abdul Aziz Dhul Hijjah Adventures with Binyamin and Chester by Mahreen Tariq The Mighty Head of Moustafa by Rania Emara The Stories in Her Eyes by Mariam Gadala

The Most Powerful Night by Ndaa Hassan

I Want to be Like the Prophet's Wives by Umm Inaayah

The Eid Rhyming Book by Fatima Salem My Name is Mentioned in the Holy Quran by Farwa Javeed Dawood Loves His Books by Umm Marwan Ibrahim "Personalized" Perfect Eid by Tasmea Mahmud

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