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Can Mustafa Control his Anger by Hadeel Aziz and Katherine Bullock


Title: Can Mustafa Control His Anger?

Author: Hadeel Azziz and Kathy Bullock

Illustrator: Eman Salem

Publisher: Compass Books @compassbooks

Age: 8-11

Rating: 7/10 ๐ŸŒŸ


Mustafa is a nice kid who struggles with his short temper. If he lost a game with friends or didn't get his way, he would be overcome by anger and lash out at those around him, sometimes even hurt them. His outburst resulted in his loneliness as his friends would no longer want to play with him. After one of his angry reactions, he found himself hiding in the nearby forest to calm and reflect. This is where his adventure began, an adventure that would teach him a lesson of a lifetime: managing his anger per the teachings of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh).



The main purpose if this book is to introduce kids to the teachings of the Prophet's (pbuh) when we are overwhelmed with the feeling of anger.

It does make it clear that the feelings of anger are normal and that everyone experiences them, however it's the way that we react when we are angry is what matters. Mustafa learns that changing your position helps manage this feeling. Also, making wudu helps to cool him off and shift focus. This is an early chapter book that kids as young as 8 can enjoy. I read this to my 5-year-old and sat through the whole thing in one sitting. One thing I have to make mention of is during one of Mustafa's outbursts, he says to his sister " Shut up, you idiot!" And this took me by surprise. Also, when he asks his friend what he should do when others call him names, his friend bluntly says "They are ignorant, so forgive them" Although the message of forgiveness is perfect here, I feel that a more subtle response would have been more fitting. Ie: they don't know you as the person you are inside, so forgive them." Ignorant is a big word. If your kids are mature to overcome and understand the above mentioned points I think this story can be of benefit. This book includes discussion questions, notes to parents and teachers and hadith references.




Sep 27/2019

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