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Common Threads: Adam's Dat at the Market by Huda Essa


Title: Common Threads: Adam's Day at the Market

Author: Huda Essa @culturelinksllc

Illustrator: Mercè Tous

Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press

Age: 2-5


Islamic Content: Muslim family


Concerns: None



Adam visits the market with his parents. He became intrigued and followed a blue bird. Adam lost his parents in the crowd and searches for them. He mistakes other grown-ups for his parents as they share similarities in their attire.



This picture book for toddlers and preschoolers is presented in a very visually beautiful way. The story is told almost only through illustrations with only a handful of words. The little ones are able to connect to the story and easily discuss what they see on each page  they flip through. I absolutely love the warmth of the multi-faith community that comes through the illustrations. It is obvious that it is a well-thought-out book, in every scene. The ending shows the ladies in the book embracing, while the men shake hands, and when a woman and men face one another, they are respectfully shown with their hands on their chest. The author's note in the end encourages the little ones to be cultural detectives in their spaces and make note of the similarities and the differences in the way that people are dressed. This book is published mainstream so you can find it in your local public library.




Sep 27/2020

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