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Count with me by Elham Choaie

๐Ÿ“š Count with me ๐Ÿ“š

Author/Illustrator: Elham Choaie

Publisher: Self-Published

Age: 0-3

Islamic Content: Arabic numbers

Concerns: None


Count with me is a board book that introduces the little ones to Arabic numbers. The book offers numbers 1-10 in Arabic, the number word, an accompanying fruit that correlates to the number and the name of the fruit. The Arabic words include vowels to help kids practice their Arabic. Each word has the transliteration English transliteration below. It is a short book so part of me wished it had more to offer, instead of 1 number per page maybe have it as present as two page spread per number. The book opens from right to left. The simple approach to teach counting, along with the soft colour tones makes the book an easy to use interactive option. Also the big size of the book make it easy for little hands to work with it. Definitely recommend this book.


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