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Cranky Kareem says Alhamdulilah by Kazima Wajahat


Title: Cranky Kareem says Alhamdulilah

Author: Kazima Wajahat @kazimawajahat

Illustrator: Chaymaa Sobhy


Age: 4-8


Islamic Content: Gratitude


Concerns: None



Cranky Kareem, you guessed it, is cranky all the time. He is annoyed with everything and everyone that comes his way in Salamville, including Happy Hamdi who is always cheerfully grateful. Cranky Kareem is determined to teach Happy Hamdi a lesson but it is Cranky Kareem that ends up getting the big message.



Usually books that get a lot of hype online tend to be disappointing because our expectations get higher. But let me tell you that this book is everything it was being raved to be. Who knew that fluff balls could be such lovable and relatable characters; all due to the wonderful execution of the storyline. Through this fun and witty story, our young readers learn an incredibly valuable lesson: seeing the good in everything and being thankful to Allah for all of it. This big concept is perfectly explained in a child-friendly language that is easy to comprehend by the little ones. I am not exaggerating when I say: this is how every Islamic lesson needs to be told in order for our kids to love learning about the deen. Captivating and engaging, awesome characters, kid-friendly and un-preachy. My kids have been reading it daily and enjoying it every time, full of giggles. Every Muslim house hold with small children and Islamic institution that serves mini Muslims needs to have it in their collection. This seems like it is the 1st book in an anticipated series, "The Salams."


#crankykareem #kazimawajahat


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