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Did Musa St-st-stutter too? by Keila Kaci


Title: Did Musa St-st-stutter Too?

Author: Keila Kaci

Illustrator: Andrea Lucci

Publisher: Prolance Publishing

Type: Fiction

Age: 5-9

Rating: 9/10 ๐ŸŒŸ


Islamic Content: Musa (a.s.)


Concerns: Curse is mentioned



Little Ibrahimi is anxious on the day of his class speech, so he pretends to be ill in order to miss school. His mother knows exactly why he is pretending: because of his stuttering. His mother kindly tucks him in his bed while telling him about prophet Musa (a.s). Even with his stutter, after he made a dua, Musa (a.s.) was able to win over an entire nation. Ibrahimi is inspired and on his way to school, he repeats the exact dua and is able to overcome his fear.



Not only does this adorable book tackle a sensitive subject in a very fun way, but it also ties it into faith, which, of course, I love. The language is simple and easy to understand. It is written in rhyme, but there are some parts that seemed slightly forced which affected the flow of the story. The overall presentation of the book is tidy: the text is on the left page and illustrations on the right. Through this book, your little one will learn to trust the power of dua and build up their confidence. One verse that didn't sit well with me was the instance where it mentions God's curse, although it was used to negate this thought. In my opinion, I really wish that this was expressed differently. The illustrations are adorable and truly capture the emotional struggle of the protagonist. I think it's a beneficial addition to your bookshelf.


Available: @prolancepublishing


Apr 2/2020

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