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Dreamland with Mommy by Dana Salim


Title: Dreamland with Mommy

Author: Dana Salim

Illustrator: Pavel Goldaev

Publisher: DS Publishing

Age: 4 -8

Rating: 5/10 ๐ŸŒŸ


It's bed time but Yousuf doesn't want to settle down. So Yousuf and mommy play Imagination Time Travel game and they enter a world of imagination. Yousuf flies on a magic carpet and lands on strawberry pie. He is then washed off by elephants and meets Gerrard the Wacky Pirate who asks Yousuf to solve the riddle or shave his hair.



The main lesson in this book is to promote imagination and fun play. While in their world of imagination, Yousuf also learns a couple of fun facts about spiders through the riddle. To be honest, I am not in love with this book. The illustrations of the mother give me a very uncomfortable vibe. A magic carpet is used in their imagination and music of the birds is referenced. I know that when you use your imagination, there is no right or wrong but I am not sure if the excecution was done well. The wacky pirate with the ship on wheels, I don't really understand him at all and my kids found him scary. The text at times is written in rhyme but mostly it's not. This book is based on an ayah from the Qur'an that makes mention of the spider's home. So the idea here is to have Islam incorporated in the book in a subtle manner and in a fun adventurous way. This is the first book of two in the series of Yousuf's Everyday Adventures.




Sep 18/2019

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