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Ebooks in Muslim Kids TV

As Muslim parents, we are always cautious about the contents our kids are exposed to in different channels of media. So we seek out Muslim creatives to give us age-appropriate content, clean and Islamically friendly options. is a popular app for your smart devices but did you know they also have ebooks?!

MashaAllah they have so many ebook options for kids. Their ebooks are categorized based on: Science, World, Environment, Love of Allah, Healthy Habits, Reading and Language, and even Printables.

The ebook offerings are very diverse in nature. There are non-fiction ebooks that provide scientific facts of the world around us. Books that explore outer space, facts about different foods. Other non-fiction options offer Islamic teachings, Allah's names, Islamic history and more. Some stories are fictional that cater to young one as new readers that focusing on new vocabulary and phonetic words.

The wide variety of ebooks cater to different age groups, with different lengths and more advanced content. Maybe in the future there can be multiple ways of filtering these ebooks like by age, or series etc.

Above all, Muslim Kids Tv offers Qur'an to help kids memorize by listening and following along in Arabic. It offers a format in which the kids can select the surah, ayas within that surah and even the preferred reciter to listen to.

My favourite thing about this app is that it combines Islamic content with general daily themes in so our kids can get best of both worlds in 1 app. At this point most of us are unable to avoid screen time for our kids, so it is our responsibility to choose wisely. Muslim Kids TV is definitely worth checking out.

Check them out:

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