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Eid Around the World by Sarah Mahdy

๐Ÿ“š Eid Around the World ๐Ÿ“š

Author: Sarah Mahdy

Illustrator: Arini Hidayati

Publisher: Self-published

Age: 3-6

Islamic Content: Eid celebrations

Concerns: None


It's Eid and a girl named Mira introduces us to her friends around the world and tells us how they celebrate Eid in different countries.


When I saw this book on Amazon, the cover seemed so adorable and the theme promising. There is nothing wrong or problematic about the content this book offers but the book is very basic and surface level. We get to see kids in Palestine, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, Sudan, Morocco, Somalia, Tunis, and Pakistan. As you can see by the list of countries included, they only really stick to 2.5 continents. However, the title and the synopsis in the back indicates that this book shows us kids around the world. Also in a book that showcases different countries, the text is kept very generic; kids decorating, baking, playing soccer, exchanging gifts etc. I would have wanted to see some traditions mentioned that might be specific to the countries mentioned. It really is very generic.

The book itself is not problematic. It's clean. It has cute illustrations. Light read.

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