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Eliyas Explains Miracles by Zanib Mian

Updated: Mar 13

๐Ÿ“š Eliyas Explains Miracles ๐Ÿ“š

Author: Zanib Mian

Illustrator: Daniel Hills

Publisher: Muslim Children's Books

Age: 7+

Islamic Content: Miracles of the Prophets

Concerns: depiction of buraq (unseen)


Eliyas and his family go on a camping trip and on their way to the site, they notice the full moon. This is what starts a great discussion about the miracle of the splitting of the moon and many others. Eliyas and his siblings are so curious about all the miracles that Allah (swt) blessed the different prophets with.


This book is the 2nd in Eliyas Explains series. I haven't read the first book, Elyas Explains Angels. This is an adorable book that details the amazing miraculous abilities Allah (swt) has granted to His prophets (peace be upon them all). It mentions when the moon split, Isra wal Miraj, the splitting of the sea, the she camel, the Qur'an and more. All these are discussed in a kid friendly manner, the usual Zanib Mian style we all love. However, the normalization of having the buraq illustrated can be seen all across Muslim lit in any type of seerah. The majority of scholars advise that anything unseen should not be depicted in any way. In this book, the parents tell the kids about the different miracles, so the title feels like it should say Eliyas Learns About Miracles instead of Explains maybe? The storyline is well executed and the transition between one miracle to the next is done brilliantly in the book, and will keep the kids engaged and reading. I also would have loved to have seen sources for this book since it is so heavily centered on Islamic facts.

UPDATE: The 2nd edition of this book has the images of the buraq removed! (both on the cover and on the inside!)


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