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Environmental Sunnahs by Alia G. Dada

๐Ÿ“š Environmental Sunnahs ๐Ÿ“š

Author: Alia G. Dada @bedtimesunnahs

Illustrator: Sarah Hafez

Publisher: Prolance Writing @prolancepublishing


Islamic Content: The sunnahs of caring for the environment

Concerns: None


Allah has created for us the environment through which we benefit on a daily basis. The oceans, clean water, the trees, the sun, animals and much more. The ecosystem so perfectly arranged to ensure the healthy living conditions of all earth dwellers.


Being environmentally friendly is very much part of our deen. This picture book gives the little ones an overview of how to be consciously environmental according to the teachings of prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him). The environment is an amanah for all of us, and every action we take towards being environmentally friendly is a reward for us. The book is written in rhyme, which at times worked flawlessly and at times I struggled to figure out a good flow. The book takes the reader through daily practices of environmentally friendly actions inspired by the sunnah. Honestly, this is such a wholesome book! It provides interesting facts on each page about nature. When I say that Shaykha Alia Dada has raised the bar in what we expect from an Islamic non-fiction resource book, I truly mean it. The back of the book is listed with ALL references, a total of 6 pages, of hadith and Qur'anic ayat referenced throughout the story. Furthermore, there is a 2-page glossary list as well as a 2-page list of environmentally-friendly action items for kids. Our kids learn about the environment and being green in so many different books and finally to have a source that provides an examples of Islamic perspective is truly needed in every Muslim bookshelf.


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