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Escape by Ming & Wah

๐Ÿ“š Escape ๐Ÿ“š

Author: Ming & Wah @demingaling @wahchen1

Illustrator: Carmen Vela @carmen_vela_

Publisher: Lantana Publishing @lantanapublishing

Age: 8+

Islamic Content: True story of Muslim refugees

Concerns: Sensitive content regarding dangerous circumstances and reasons of escape.


This book is a compilation of true stories throughout history that highlight the remarkable escape of individuals from their home countries in search for safety in new places.


Throughout history, different people have sought safety for various reasons. This book tells us true stories of different nations and their extraordinary escapes of people through different means. Some escaped war through a boat. Some escaped to safety through an underground tunnel. Some used a disguise. But all were seeking a better and a safer life. (see the table of contents for more insight)

This book was shared by the amazing bookstagrammer @afamilythatreads. While there is so much to learn from this non-fiction historical resource, one story in particular intrigued me. While on their journey to Greece, the motor on the dinghy boat had stopped so Yusra and Sara Mardini jumped in to keep it from sinking. This act of bravery helped keep the boat full of people afloat until the motor was able to restart and they made it safely to shore. What a heart wrenching journey. I am so glad their story has been included in this compilation to record their legacies.

While this is one success story in recent history, what has changed since then to prevent refugees from losing lives in crowded boats while seeking a life where they can exist without fear? We have all seen the recent headlines from a week ago where at least 27 people have drowned in a similar scenario. They have managed to safely escape a warzone to only lose their lives so close to the end of their journey. Will there ever be a time when we see past these numbers in the headlines? Is that what human life has become? Numbers in headlines?

May Allah shower His mercy upon them and place them in the highest levels of Jannah. Ameen.


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