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Everything Points to Allah by Hekimoglu Ismail


Title: Everything Points to Allah (10 book set)

Author: Hekimoglu Ismail

Illustrator: Ilknur Selman

Publisher: Timas Kids

Age: 7-12


Islamic Content: The creation of Allah


Concerns: Musical instruments



This book set is a non-fiction series that covers a vast range of sciences, all of which reinforce that everything takes place by the will and permission of Allah. The books explore the underground, skies and beyond, seasons, human biology, animals, technology and much, much more.



It has always been so natural that our kids learn the deen separate from everything else. So the approach here is amazing and I wish that more us recognize the normalization of tying Islamic foundations with science/nature and teach them simultaneously. This book set offers factual information in our everyday surroundings that we can and cannot see such as underground, outer space, or our seasonal changes etc. Throughout each book, it emphasizes the link to Allah as the One and Only Creator. At times I did find it to me a little to repetitive which makes it borderline preachy. One of the books contains information on the science of some musical instruments, but it is only a small part in one of the books, not the entire focus. At times I did find it to me a little to repetitive which makes it borderline preachy. There are some grammar errors in these translated texts. This seems to be a common thread for books published from overseas. So I do wish that they would seek out an editor based in the west to polish the language and text. With that said, the approach, the wide range of scientific content and overall quality makes this set one of its kind. The illustrations are well done, covers contain glittery texture and the physical quality is well made. This set would be a great addition to any shelf but especially useful for classrooms and homeschooling households.


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