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Favourite Posts of 2019

🌼My favourite 9 posts🌼

Only when I look back to the beginning of this journey I realize the growth that transitioned this page to be what it is today.

🌼 Alhamdulilah 🌼

I had no idea what to expect and what this new chapter would bring my way. And to try capture it all in one post is a great means of self reflect.


This page has:


1. Become an outlet in which I share what I am most passionate about: Muslim Kids Books

2. Taught me to be confident in unexpected ways

3. Given me the opportunity to contribute in areas I never thought possible (more to come on this soon)

4. Allowed me to make connections and frienships with some of the most amazing individuals on this platform


I am infinitely grateful to the Creator, as we know that without His will nothing is ever possible. 🌼







Dec 29/2019

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