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Firdaus Learns About the Heart by Dr. Sara Kulsum Alavi


Title: Firdaus Learns About the Heart

Author: Dr. Sara Kulsum Alavi @firdausandfriends

Illustrator: Aurica Safiulina @aurica.safiulina

Publisher: Little Doc Books

Age: 9-12


Islamic Content: The Science of the Heart


Concerns: None



Firdaus and her classmates learn about a vital organ in the human body, the heart. As Firdaus studies the physical function of the heart, she simultaneously discovers the meaning of what having a good heart means.



This book is such an excellent teaching resource. It has a fictional story worked into a non-fictional biology lesson along with step-by-step science experiments for the readers to try. It covers the function of the heart, blood cells, oxygen, blood circulation, plasma, platelets, arteries and veins. Aside from the amazing insight of the heart the kids will get, I absolutely love the fact diverse Muslim characters are so naturally part of this story. The Muslim readers seeing themselves in this science book is such an amazing treat. Furthermore, a science book with a hijabi protagonist is so refreshing. Islamic phrases and words are trickled so wonderfully throughout, as well as Urdu words. The back of the book includes reference of the Heart mentioned in the Quran and Hadith (Arabic and English translation). The illustrations are so beautiful, and the science diagrams are very clear to follow. This book would be a perfect fit to be incorporated in Science class in Islamic schools. Not only that, it is an excellent source for homeschooling kids. The experiments are easy to do and include common household items to complete. This book is written by a practicing medical doctor and it looks like there is already a 2nd book in the works which I am already excited about.



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