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From Head to Toe by Aliza Syeda

๐Ÿ“š From Head to Toe ๐Ÿ“š

Author: Aliza Syeda

Illustrator: Gabriela Dieppa

Publisher: Bloom Kids Books

Age: 0-3

Islamic Content: Love of Allah

Concerns: None


I have come across this publisher awhile ago but with the high number of books published within months time, I was skeptical to take my chances. However, I kept thinking about this book that kept me drawn to it. I decided, if I will like this book, I might just give the others a chance too. So I purchased it.

I really get giddy about surprises like this one. I had little to no expectations, but it was a sweet surprise upon arrival. This book is a small size paperback. It is a baby book that is very straight forward and simple in language. Such a sweet messaging while learning a few of the body parts and a couple of emotions. The illustrations are so warm and adorable and it directly introduces the love of Allah to littles so naturally. My only hang up with this book is that it is paperback! Why is this not a board book? It is meant for tiny hands, for babies so board book pages would be the logical choice.

Honestly other than that, the words and illustrations make this a very sweet read.

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