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Fun Brain Teasers for Muslim Kids by Fawziyyah Emiabata


Title: Fun Brain Teasers for Muslim Kids

Author: Fawziyyah Emiabata @guidedmuslimah1

Publisher: Dakwah Corner Bookstore @dakwahcornerbooks

Age: 5-12


Islamic Content: Various topics throughout


Concerns: None



This 79 page activity book is loaded with so many different activities to keep kids busy for periods at a time. Activities include Code Breakers, Word Search, Mazes, Sudoku, Math problems, Islamic Trivia, Spot the Difference and much more. The large book size, colour pages and great overall paperback quality makes this an amazing option for our kids. I love that this activity book provides an array of Islamic topics which are related to Prophets, names of Allah, prayers, seerah, Arabic letters, Ramadan etc. Which means kids up to the age of 9 will enjoy it. My 7-year old really enjoyed working in this with his dad. Some of the content questions in the book are slightly advanced and may require the kids to ask for help or do further research however, all answers are provided in the back of the book.




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