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Getting to Know Muhammad by Walead Quhill

๐Ÿ“š Getting to Know Muhammad (saws) ๐Ÿ“š

Author: Walead Quill

Publisher: @gettingtoknowmuhammad

Age: 12+

Islamic Content: Seerah in rhyming verse

Concerns: Should references be cited in a book like this one?


This book is a rhyming verse novel that describes the life of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. It doesn't go into so many details but it give enough information so that the youth reading this can get a pretty good idea of his strengths, his character, leadership and a rough outline of his biography.

The book is divided into sections or chapters. (see table of contents). Each chapter covers a period of time, in chronological order, where important events take place in Islamic history. It also makes a natural transition on the important lessons that can be extracted from each event. The book is very faith centered and easy to digest by young readers.

Because this is considered as an important part of Islamic history, I do wish that references would have been included and cited in this book. Also, if there has been an alim consulted in the process to ensure accuracy. Not only in this book, but majority of self published books, do not include any information about the author. I personally like to see a blurb about the author's professional backgrounds and their writing journey especially if the content is Islamic centered.

For those who like poetry, this book is definitely a beneficial read filled with Islamic gems.

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