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Go on, Zap Shaytan by Razana Noor


Title: Go On, Zap Shaytan

Author: Razana Noor

Illustrator: Omar Burgess

Publisher: Kube Publishing @kubepublishing

Age: 3-7


Islamic Content: Protection from shaytan



This book discusses the influence of the whispers of shaytan in our daily life and the different ways of protecting ourselves. Through seeking Allah's refuge from him, by saying bismillah and reciting Qur'an.



This is the 2nd book in the series, the first book is My Special Angels: the two noble scribes. This book, just like the 1st one, is done in very catchy rhyming couplets. It has a uniform flow throughout and does an excellent job at describing the essence of shaytan and his goal. Mentions that it is a jinn made from an invisible type of fire and his job is to whisper bad ideas. Furthermore, it describes different ways we can protect ourselves from his whispers. I absolutely love the illustrations and the emotions they portray. On one part of the book, shaytan's pleasure is described to be due to his bad influences and other parts he quakes with fear and runs away with fingers in his ears when we use 'Bismillah'. In general terms, we understand this concept to be correct, that iblis is sent to negatively affect the hearts of the believers however our dhikr and reliance on Allah pushes him away. But specifically how he reacts to the different adhkar, only Allah knows. The book comes with a list of glossary terms and their definitions in the end. I love this book and my kids ask me to read it repeatedly ever since we got it.





July 3/2020

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