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Going to Mecca by Na'ima b. Robert


Title: Going to Mecca

Author: Na'ima b. Robert @naimabrobert

Illustrator: Valentina Cavanelli

Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children's Books

Age: 5-11


Islamic Content: Hajj


Concerns: shadow of Hajar depicted



A family is embarking on the journey of Hajj and reader is invited to join the pilgrim in every step of the way. The reader gets a descriptive glimpse and reflection with each ritual that is being performed. Some concepts that are touched on are the dress of the pilgrims, the prayers of the pilgrims, the gaze at the Black Stone, tawaf, Safa and Marwa, Mina and Arafat, Muzdalifa and Jamarat and finally ends with the shaving their head.



This is another wonderful book by the very talented author. It is written in beautiful poetic verse that truly captivate the essence of this journey from the moment they leave the house, in each step of the way, until they are returned home. I truly love the hajj reflection presented on each page on the verses and the emotion tied to them. A journey of patience, gratitude and servitude to God. Following the teachings of the Prophet s.a.w.s and the footsteps of Hajar a.s. among a sea of people dressed likeness in ihram dress and status, all with the same goal in mind. I've read this book many times and never noticed the shadow depiction of Hajar r.a. in a thought bubble of the pilgrim until recently. The illustrations are so unique and the diverse sea of the pilgrims performing their hajj is just so beautiful. This is a gem to have and cherish even if your kids have outgrown them.


"Feet in sandals, heads bare,

With thousands of others,

Strangers, sisters,

Strangers, brothers."



July 25/2020

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