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Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns by Hena Khan


Title: Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns: A Muslim Book of Colors

Author: Hena Khan

Illustrator: Mehrdokht Amini

Publisher: Chronicle Books

Type: Fiction

Age: 4 and up

Rating: 10/10 ๐ŸŒŸ


Islamic Content: โญ

Concerns: None


Summary & Review:

This lovely book is written in rhyming verse. Each page goes through the typical colours (plus gold and silver) and each colour is related to an Islamic characteristic: Qur'an, prayer mat, zakat box etc. The written text is consistent in flow and easy to understand even for younger readers but there are enough new words for the little ones to add to their vocabulary. The illustrations are absolutely stunning. The thoughtful details. The vibrant colours. The gorgeous patterns. The characters and their settings. Just breathtaking. I wish the cover of the book gave a glimpse of some vibrant colours. They truly bring this book to life. There is a glossary page included in the end. This book makes a wonderful addition to any library: home, school, classroom, masjid.


Available: @sirajstore

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Mar 19/2020

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