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Hajj Activity Booklet by Earth Custodians


Title: Hajj Activity Booklet

Author: Rumaisa Bilal

Illustrator: Sarah Bilal

Publisher: Earth Custodians @radiance_of_delight

Age: 7+


Islamic Content: Hajj


Concerns: None



Hajj activity book that discusses Eid ul-Adha and Hajj.



This activity is a wonderful way to get the kids excited for Eid ul-Adha. It includes various engaging activities to keep kids busy, such as search and find, counting cut-outs, word search and more. It has a two-page explanation of what Eid ul-Adha is and how we celebrate it. There is quite a bit of details that discuss key components of this special day as well as gloss over some of the rituals of hajj without getting overwhelming. The book indicates that it is for kids 4 and up. However, I find it to be more appropriate for kids 7 and up due to the heavy text and some reading activities. Even some of the vocabulary choices are slightly advanced like 'commemoration' or 'irrespective.' This book comes with a sticker sheet and two Eid cards for your kids to colour and gift to someone special for Eid. The short story included can definitely use more refining and tweaking. Overall, it is a good quality bind with glossy inside sheets.




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