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Hajj and Eid al-Adha Books 2020

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

I will leave you with this compiled list of books before I take time to focus on family and Eid celebration. I realize that there are many more books out there, as you all know, I do not promote anything that I haven't read myself. Most of these books I have reviewed and can be found in my highlights.

1. Going to Mecca by Na'ima b. Robert

2. The Green Dinosour Umbrella by Amina Banawan

3. The Best Eid Ever by Asma Mobbin-Uddin

4. Two Pigeons on a Pilgrimage by Rabia Bashir

5. Dhul Hijjah Adventures by Mehreen Tariq

6. Yan's Hajj by Fawzia Gilani

7. The Rhyming Eid Book by Fatima Salem

8. If Allah Wills by Dr. Oz

9. A Little Tree Goes for Hajj by Eman Salem

10. The Lost Ring by Fawzia Gilani

11. The Perfect Gift by J. Samia Muir

12. Zahir & Jamel the Camel: Hajj by Amarullah Almarwani

13. We're off to Make Umrah by Sana Munshey

14. An Old Man who Trusts Allah by Fawzia Gilani

July 29/2020

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