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Hassan and Aneesa Celebrate Eid by Yasmeen Rahim


Title: Hassan and Aneesa Celebrate Eid

Author: Yasmeen Rahim

Illustrator: Omar Burgess

Publisher: The Islamic Foundation

Type: Fiction

Age: 2-7

Rating: 10/10


Islamic Content: Eid ul Fitr


Concerns: None



The new Moon has been sighted and that means it's Eid ul- Fitr tomorrow. The family is decorating and preparing for a big day of prayer, community, family, friends and fun. The next morning, Aneesa, Hassan and their parents are dressed in their finest clothing to attend the Eid prayer. After they finished their prayer at the park, they host their family and friends for an Eid party. The kids play, the women socialize the men BBQ as they await a delicious meal. When the day is over, the family shares their left overs with the neighbours.



I think the Hassan and Aneesa series is so adorable. This particular one focuses on the Eid ul-Fitr celebration of a typical Muslim family. This book really highlights the joy of celebrating Eid. The book also covers generosity towards the needy, your family and friends. The kids learn that the Prophet alayhi salam performed Eid prayer outside, and they are following his example. The language and text is nice and simple. I also really want to recognize the details on the illustrations that bring so much relatability to the book. The rush of the Eid morning to get to the prayer on time; the after prayer scene where it shows different people in small groups greeting each other, taking selfies etc. And of course my favourite of all has to be the very last page where the parents are exhausted from the events of the day while the kids still have energy to play amongst the mess of toys and coffee mugs. I appreciate it so much. The book also has a page of glossary terms with definitions. Definitely a book to have for young ones.




Apr 29/2020

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