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Hassan and Aneesa Love Ramadan by Yasmeen Rahim

Hassan and Aneesa Love Ramadan by Yasmeen Rahim

This book is part of a 4 book series for kids. Hassan and Aneesa are excited about the month of Ramadan. They learn the key objectives of this blessed month; fasting, reading Qur'an, donating to charity, prayer, iftar invitations. They even try fasting for a day.

This short book is so adorable. It gives a brief description of the typical things the muslim family engages in during Ramadan. The illustrations are quite accurate and I appreciate the thoughtful details it entails. The mother is shown without hijab at home, and with hijab outside. My favourite page is when the family is hurrying so their dad can catch the tarawih prayer at the masjid. It really does give the true visual of Ramadan season.

I would reccommend this book for toddlers and preschoolers.


May 25/2019

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