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Honest Criticism on Muslim Kids Literature

In a very niche market like Muslim Children's Literature, is there space to give honest criticism of published books?


Or should we automatically promote books written by Muslims, for Muslims for the sake of supporting their small business and giving them the exposure they desperately need? After all, we can't deny that it is a very tough space to get into.


I believe that now more than ever, we need to give honest reviews of what is being published.

Especially with today's influencer culture, where every product is pushed to be the 'greatest/best' product, including books.


If we sugar coat everything that has a hijab on the illustrations or a boy with a Muslim name, just because we need those books, and we are being represented, it is not going to give us the quality content we strive to see. How else are we going to set a standard for the high quality literature that our kids deserve?


Our goal as book reviewers is not to try and bring down the Muslim Lit market, rather to express points of improvement in order to raise the quality of what our kids consume through Muslim books.





Sep 19/2020

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