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How to Talk to Your Muslim Child About Sex by Firoza Osman

In my reviews, I often talk about the importance of valuable lessons within story books but this one is different. This book is a tool that guides Muslim parents on how to tackle such a heavy/sensitive subject with our little ones as they grow.

It's divided into 3 chapters.

🌟Chapter 1 - The Challenge of Raising Children in a Digital World.

🌟Chapter 2 - Building Connections for our Children (firstly to Allah, then to those around them)

🌟Chapter 3 - How and When to Talk About Sex

Numerous things that I appreciate about this book as a whole:

1. The continuous religious references used so that the parents can truly see the Islamic approach to sexual health and other issues.

2. The variety of sources that the author uses as reference throughout the book, Muslim and otherwise.

3. She shares her professional experience together with her personal struggles in raising her 2 boys. Makes it more relatable.

4. This book highlights the possible health benefits/implications of engaging in certain sexual activities: physical (STI), spiritual, mental, emotional and social

5. The author has concluded the book with an Islamic POV when it comes to healthy intimacy, premarital intimacy and relationships.

6. Over 70 resources are included in the back of the book for parents to further equip themselves in specific topics.

The author makes it clear that if we are not the askable adult to give our kids the opportunity to have these uncomfortable discussions, they are bound to get it else where.

It is obvious that an incredible amount of research went into this book. Additionally, I would have loved to have seen if a reputable Islamic scholar was given the opportunity to for further contribution to the Islamic content/approach.

Overall, a necessary, informative read.


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