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Hudhayfa Learns About Allah by Umm An-Nu'man

Hudhayfa Learns About Allah by Umm An-Nu'man

Hudhayfa is prompted to ask his mother about Allah, since he has been hearing His name being mentioned not only at home, but also at school. His mother kindly explains, that Allah is the Creator that made everything. She uses creative rhyming words when she counts all the things Allah has created. One of my favourite lines in the book is "Allah made the clouds, He made the sky and rain. He made some things different and He made some things the same." The introduction and explanation of who Allah is, it is done really well done. 📖

I really underestimated this book. It is a small size book and the illustrations are not very appealing on the cover and throughout the book. I think more vibrant and powerful illustrations would have brought this book to another level.


Apr 14/2019

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