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I Love Allah by Abdullah Mansoor


Title: I Love Allah

Author: Abdullah Mansoor

Illustrator: Abdullah Mansoor

Publisher: Gifted Muslim @gifted_muslim

Age: 3-7

Rating: 10/10 ๐ŸŒŸ


Little Rahma is gifted a book she absolutely loves. Through her 'book friend', Sara, she is able to know Allah (swt) and discover her love for Him.



Simply, an adorable book that introduces the basic concept of Allah (swt): Who He is, where He is and His love for His creation. This story also showcases the bond and closeness between inter-generational Muslim family in such a genuine way. The text is made easy and fun for the younger audience through rhyme and repetitive language. This book within a book is executed so well that it will have your child go back to it multiple times. The illustrations are beautifully done; I appreciate the little thought and details that went into them. The father is shown holding a vacuum and on one page the mother's pant cuffs are seen under the abayah (so real). I am not sure why this book hasn't gotten more exposure but it is definitely a wonderful book.

This book is available on Amazon.



Sep 5/2019

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